MrLou's Art

01020712  Ciruit 9 Celebration : FAN, POL, PORT, Flage, Prop 8, Courthouse, VT, Words, Constitution, Colors, Church 01021612  Sisters : FAN, ANI, LND, Emily, Abigail, Basenji, Stripes 01040312  Ode 2 Spring : FAN, FLW, PRT, Rose, Orange, Brown, Gold, Cool 01092612  Only In The Evening : FAN, Gren, Gold, Orange, Purple, PRT
01012813  Closing of Play : FAN, LND, City, Funky, Groovy, Green 01032313  Too Real To Be Real : FAN, PRT, Brown, Gold 01093013  One True Knot : FAN Dragging The Line  Draggin the Line
04121913  Right Out of It 01122213  Hold On And Ride 02122913  Working Eagle 02120614  Nowhere To Go
Looking Out At It  NEW_Looking Out At It 02121814  Looking Out Onto 02122914  All In The Name 04010115  Stone Free
06010415  And The Effects Thereof 03011215  Mass Confusion 03071015  Battle For Trump 01071215  You LIve With That!
02071315  Cleaned Up Space. 02071515  Starting Out Alone Avoid The Unforeseen Risks  Avoid The Unforeseen Risks Even Squares Can Smile  Even Squares Can Smile
Welcome Back My Friends  Welcpme Back My Friends Earth Moves Daily  Earth Moves Daily Made As One  Made As One Looking It Over  Looking It Over
Direct Line Of Nowhere Up The Anty  Up The Anty Summer May Come  Summer May Come Not Left Attended  Not Left Attended
July Fourth Reprise  July Fourth Reprise Fractal Dreams For Centuries  Fractal Dreams For Centuries Sailing Away From America  Sailing Away From America 0110317  Hard To Be A Saint